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Who we are

Hello and Welcome!


As you have noticed, GrowGrow is an e.U. / an Einzelunternehmen – the Austrian equivalent of individual entrepreneurship. The individual behind the e.U. is Alex Ion:

Some 20+ years in alternating sales and marketing jobs. Almost 10 years of international experience, mostly within the Central / South-East Europe region.

Broad experience across various company sizes (i.e. from 10 employees to 15.000) and multiple industries (medical equipment, safety equipment, media and telecoms, automotive distribution and services, real estate, packaging).

 MBA at Central European University in Budapest (2011), with Marketing focus.

Love spending time with family, mountain biking, reading, metal festivals, b&w film photography.

The reason I’m referring to GrowGrow as “we”, despite it being an individual initiative, is because I never work alone. On every client project, I team-up with amazingly talented and experienced partners. The team mix always depends on client’s needs, but we love working with:

Vitrina Advertising

(Cluj Napoca, RO)

Full-service advertising agency, the only Romanian representative of Advertising & Marketing Independent Network – AMIN Worldwide.

geofront e.U.

(Vienna, AT)

R&D company for computer vision and general purpose computation on graphics hardware.


(Lübeck, DE)

Digital Customer Acquisition, Customer Experience Management, Data Analytics & Visualization, Data Science.

Burnt Red Hen

(Subotica, SRB)

Small studio with creative heart who work hard on graphic design, logo design, illustrations and food photography.

How we work

True to “focus on your growth”, we keep the processes simple, quick, and focused:


0. Discovery

During the initial 1h meeting, I’m looking to find out about your business: product(s), skills, funnel, clients, competition etc.; and answer any-questions you have about my work.

Should we agree to give it a try, I will then do the first analysis: research your market and industry, go through any available data (analytics, metrics), check the content (presentations, demos, case studies).

The result: a Phase-Zero Analysis with insights about your business, that would ideally give you the reasons to work together.

1. Planning

Once we (pre-)agreed to collaborate, I will assess the resources needed for the project and provide a commercial offer. Depending on the complexity, projects can take from 2-3 to 6-8 months. (When done, we can try either a monthly service contract or support hiring your permanent marketing employee.)

On to the contract, I will have it prepared based on the Phase-Zero Analysis and include the agreed terms and conditions: start- and end-date, project stages, inputs, deliverables.

2. Research

The first step of actual work is meeting the clients. As in “your best clients”: they are the most important to understanding what your business is; and they are those whom you want to keep attracting.

We’ll go through practical issues: how they found you and came on board; what’s the value they think you provide; human and tech touchpoints; frictions, barriers and pain points in using your product. We back these with hard data (e.g. website- and CMS-analytics).

The resulting Customer Journey Map and funnel proposal should provide you fresh insights into your valuable clients’ interactions and the measures you need to implement in order to scale.

3. Growth Strategy

By combining the hard data with context and interview inputs, we are developping your growth marketing strategy. It sets the pillars to build on, and includes a detailed plan that should make it easy  to implement.

Once more: this is a 100% customized proposal that’s adapted to your own needs and context.

For example, when discussing content production and management, we will show you exactly what works for each phase of your Customer’s Journey / sales-and-marketing funnel. This way, when it comes to implementation, you will be quick and effective instead of stuttering.

4. Growth Implementation

If you don’t already have a marketing infrastructure, we will set it up quickly.

Guided by research and strategy, the implementation will need to touch into one or more of the following: demand generation programs, website and SEO, online content, email marketing, offline events, community building, sales force, business development and so on.

Several optimisation loops should be considered within the project (check, optimise, implement, repeat) in order to make sure things are bringing the intended results.

How can we support your growth?

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* GrowGrow: B2B Growth Marketing Consultancy based in Vienna, Austria.