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4LED: import, design, installation, servicing of LED lighting.


Timișoara / București, Romania

To solve

Prepare the base for stronger sales & marketing push.


  • Content production (copywriting, videos, brochures, product technical sheets)
  • Web development
  • Multilanguage/international SEO


the client is a local technology company that reached maximum sales potential and is now looking to expand on new markets.

During the initial assessment, we discovered that the existing marketing infrastructure does not support a complex Customer Journey / sales-and-marketing funnel. For the most painful points we produced new materials:

  • New website to welcome the prospects who are aware of 4LED’s products, then qualify and nourish them on the way to becoming clients. New focus on services. New, optimised shop-like product portfolio with customised filtering and cross-selling features.
  • 5 short movies to reinforce the expertise on main markets.
  • Completely new technical documentation (new structure, content, and design).
  • Email-marketing ready with MailChimp infrastructure.

Web development: before/after

5x Application videos

Kickstart growth →


Professional services agency, ~50 employees.


Frankfurt, Germany.

To solve

Stalling growth.


  • Market research
  • Value proposition & positioning
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Content production
  • Web development
  • Multilanguage/international SEO


The client is a multinational SME, with offices and partners across Europe. For their Frankfurt-based office, after a few years of growth, the sales have hit a plateau.

Our job started with assessing the German business, with a focus on sales-and-marketing activities. The few inefficiencies that came up were quickly solved, but they were not the reason for the slow growth.

When looking at the market’s competitive landscape, we have found the biggest individual niches to be covered by established market leaders. Continuing to go head-to-head against them would never provide the high growth rates that we were looking for.

We then mapped the client company’s individual skills (speed, flexibility, international exposure, and access to resources) against the smaller individual niches. The results:

1. Almost perfect fit between skills and niche markets’ needs.

2. No significant market entry barriers.

3. Total volume of accessible niche markets = Total volume of inaccessible main markets.

4. Growth potential on niche markets = 15x Growth potential on main markets.

Once the positioning was clarified, we then reshaped the go-to-market strategy: new story-line & pitch, that focused on the actual strengths; new tools (incl. a completely new website); a better focus on marketing tools (from SEO to trade fairs).

The final phase included creating the basic content and developing the new website, optimised for both English and German searches.


Within one month after delivery, we reached:

  • total traffic on the website: +10%;
  • increased share of organic traffic: +50% vs. the previous mix;
  • improved engagement metrics and conversions: +25 time spent on site, -20% bounce rate, +15% incoming requests.

Please note: since this is an ongoing project and discretion is important for our client, we can only provide references on request.

Support growth →


Lübeck, Germany.

To solve

Document an innovative solution in order to get traction with further clients.


Video production (long form).


Dräger is a 130-years-old global corporation that operates in safety equipment and medical equipment markets.

For an innovative solution they delivered with firefighters in Romania, Dräger needed to document the customer benefits; the background processes (from finding the right solution, to manufacturing, then to installation and usage); and the real-life, hands-on customer experience.

Our part:

  • Video concept development: story, structure, script, music.
  • Filming in multiple locations, for several weeks.
  • Editing of video, sound, subtitling (ENG+RO), versioning.

The video is now used to introduce the solution to other firefighter clients in Europe and beyond. It will also be split into shorter parts (45-60 sec) for easier viewing on social media.

Video: Dräger firefighter equipment cleaning

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