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GrowGrow creates strategic marketing solutions to fuel your business growth. We strive to understand your unique needs, market landscape, and customer behaviors to craft strategies that position you for success.

GrowGrow’s approach to marketing strategy

Research & segmentation

Understand your market

We dive deep into understanding your market dynamics. Through extensive research and precise segmentation, we identify your target audience and their preferences.

Positioning & value proposition design

Craft your unique (pro)position

Your brand’s success depends on how effectively you’re positioned in the market. We help define a compelling value proposition that sets you apart from the competition.

Integration of marketing strategy w/ business goals

Align business & marketing

Your marketing should support your business. That’s why we make sure the marketing strategy aligns with your broader business goals, making sure that every marketing initiative serves a strategic purpose.

Funnel design and optimization

Streamline sales & marketing

Efficient sales and marketing funnels are essential. We design and optimize funnels to drive engagement, nurture leads, and maximize conversions.

How we work

Starting point: the Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas (by Alex Osterwalder @ Strategyzer) is a powerful tool that allows you to visualize and analyze the key elements of your business model on a single page.

The Business Model Canvas puts the key components of your business (/product) on a single page. It helps clarify how you create value for your customers; what resources and partners you need; who your best customers are; and how you make money. Also, it also helps you to see how your business activities are connected and where you might need to make some changes or decisions.

At GrowGrow, we use the Business Model Canvas to deconstruct your business, understand what are its most important pillars, and then use the learnings as a base for building your marketing strategy.


In order to build a solid bridge between your business goals and your marketing, we look into several main areas, such as:

Business-related: what you do; competitive advantages; unit economics; main markets
Client-related: jobs-to-be-done; personas; journeys
Value proposition
AIDA Funnel: the topics you can drive; assets; channels
Targets: business targets, marketing targets

The “business deconstruction” can be done through multiple calls. However, we recommend a compact format, such as a two-day workshop (see sample agenda), which makes it easier for all decision-makers to be present and involved, and keeps the learnings fresh and impactful.

DISCLAIMER: The workshop is built upon information you already have. In some cases (e.g., startups, simple products and/or operations) this workshop might be enough to reach a basic marketing strategy. However, the bigger / more complex your business, the more important further steps will be to develop and validate your strategy (e.g. deeper research, elaborate segmenting and positioning, complex journeys, etc.).

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